2016 Release Calendar

Our team has some exciting and delicious news to share: our 2016 Release Calendar!

We plan to debut at least eight brand new beers next year. It’s important to note that dates and releases are subject to change and that availability will vary. We’ll be sharing more details soon! Stay tuned!


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10 responses on “2016 Release Calendar

  1. Mark Masztal

    Hi, I went to my local craft brew shop looking for the 2015 Fall G.O.T. release and I saw more Three-Eyed Ravens, but no new beer. Has it been delayed? Love all the other beers, just was looking for something new for G.O.T. Thx

    1. Ommegang Post author

      No, beer shipments to distributors haven’t been delayed. It’s possible the store hasn’t ordered the new beers because they still have Three-Eyed Raven in stock. Or maybe that particular store isn’t receiving any of fall release. Best to ask the store when/if they’re planning to have the beer in stock.

  2. Ellen Baer

    I have found that none of the Cincinnati Ohio markets distributors have ordered any of the Game of Thrones gift sets either or else their employees are getting them all… Not one store in that market has them, also the Monarch distributor in Indianapolis is telling the southeastern Indiana people they can’t even get the beer so go figure that, they are saying it wasn’t offered to them.

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Hmm… The beers are definitely available in Ohio. We’ll give your email address to the sales rep in OH and ask them to contact you with some places nearby that may have the beers in stock.

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Yes, but it’s a rebrand so the recipe stayed the same, we just changed the name. Grains of Truth is out now.