BCTC 2018: Schedule, Bands, Map, Fun Stuff

We’re counting down the days to the big event. Here is the schedule of events for Friday and Saturday, the band schedule, the list of activities happening on the grounds, and also a map to show to you the lay of the land.

We look forward to raising a glass with you this weekend.

Schedule Friday Schedule Saturday

Fun Stuff Map Performances

10 responses on “BCTC 2018: Schedule, Bands, Map, Fun Stuff

  1. Lauren

    So excited! This is always a great event and I’m so happy there are vegan options for Friday nights dinner πŸ™‚ You always do a killer job with this event.

  2. Keith M

    This year’s map seems to show things have moved around this year. Are the tasting tents in a different spot from where they’ve always been or is it just this perspective?

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Hi, Keith. Sorry to have missed your note before the event. We moved the tasting tents a bit and the map was a different perspective than usual. We’d appreciate your feedback on the map and whether it was user-friendly for you. Cheers.

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Hi, Lisa. The big events are all wrapped up for this summer. We hope you’ll join us at a Fire Pit Friday on Friday evenings this month. 6-9 pm on the patio with music and a bonfire.

  3. Edward Fedon

    We had to leave early this morning due to an unexpected family emergency. But, even with out the actual beer fest and a rainy first day the experience was incredible. Thanks ommegang! See you next yr!

    1. Ommegang Post author

      We hope everything is ok. We’re glad you had a good time, despite the early departure and wet weather. We hope you’ll join us again next year. Cheers!

  4. Michael J Duszynski

    Hello, On Sunday afternoon Aug 29 my wife n I stopped at your brewery and while in the parking lot Donna fell next to our car as she was walking in. I saw her fall from my rear view mirror. Obviously I got out to find her on laying on her back and before I could do anything a man working on a very large white trailer immediately approached us n said he was an EMT, n asked if he could help. We would like to thank him for all he did. After checking her out, her leg, elbow, etc. he assisted in getting her up unto ther feet. We hope someone give Our Heartfelt THANK YOU to this VERY special person! πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Ommegang Post author

      We hope your wife is ok! We’re so happy to hear there was someone there that was able to help her and we’ll be sure to pass this along to the staff.