Cooperstown Ale

Baseball and beer. Few things are more ingrained in America’s psyche than baseball and beer. The histories of both are laden with traditions and transcendence. Rascals and radicals. Celebration and shared experience. Treasured summertime moments with sun on our faces and a beer in our
hands. The timeless game defines our past and guides our future.

Since 1939, people the world over have recognized Cooperstown as the “Home of Baseball.” Cooperstown Ale tips our cap to those immortals and heroes enshrined and honored here. Their allure is a siren song to lovers of the game – setting them on a pilgrimage to this idyllic village, and a place we are ever so proud to call home.

Cooperstown Ale 12oz BottleBrewer Mike McManus shared his inspiration in crafting Cooperstown Ale.

As we revel in spring and look towards summer in our backyards and at our brewery, our tastes are changing with the seasons. Hop bines in our yard are climbing higher each day towards the sun and we have been firing up the grill with more frequency. At our home in Cooperstown, we are thinking more about our gardens, getting out on Otsego lake in the kayak, and of course, baseball.

With all leisurely pursuits in mind, especially those that can be performed with a beer in hand, we are happy to brew and release Cooperstown Ale for the first time in summer 2014. Cooperstown Ale is brewed with our Upstate NY home in mind. It’s one of those beers that we want to drink while watching the game, or playing one of our own.  A session-worthy 5.5% ABV, Cooperstown Ale is mashed with Pilsner, Pale, a touch of caramel malts, and a bit of white wheat and oats to round out the body. Slightly sweet malt gives way to a balanced hop character blending varieties from Germany, the Pacific Northwest, and Australia. Fruity and earthy yeast flavors come from our house strain. Thoroughly balanced, this blonde ale is a bit of Cooperstown, by way of Belgium.

2005 FALL 8in _4Being in Cooperstown during the summer is truly a special time, and while we can’t bottle that feeling up and send it to you, we figured a new beer would be the next best thing. Hopefully that will suffice until your next trip to Cooperstown.

Cooperstown Ale is available for a limited time in 1/2 barrel and 12oz 4-packs. Visit our beer finder to find Cooperstown Ale near you.