We’re excited for you to try Joemmegang, the newest beer in our Brewmaster’s Obsession series. We think that it’s a perfect marriage of coffee, beer, and chocolate.

The beer begins as a malty brown ale, comprised of Belgian aroma, caramel malts, and oats. A bit of lactose adds body and some sweetness, and a heaping helping of cocoa nibs in the whirlpool provides further richness, and a deep chocolaty aroma.  Hop aroma is nonexistent, and bitterness is there just to keep the sweetness in check.

We worked with our great friends at Stagecoach Coffee in Cooperstown to come up with a custom coffee blend that complimented our base beer. Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, and French roast form a combination with chocolate, earth, spice, fruit, and light roast characteristics. Following primary fermentation the beer is cold crashed and yeast is removed. Coffee is added to a secondary tank and the beer is circulated through the freshly roasted beans to extract even more flavor and aroma.

The result is really something special: aromas of cold brewed coffee, milk chocolate and rich malt – the taste follows, round, smooth and creamy, with a touch of sweetness.

Joemmegang will be available in bottles and on draft later this month in: CA, CO, CT, DC, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WA


17 responses on “Joemmegang

  1. Justin Hower

    Is this the list of states correct? Is this beer not going to be made available in New York State? Is that true of all the Brewmaster’s Obsessions? What else have I been missing from Ommegang by living in lower Manhattan? Do I blame you or your distributors? Or perhaps both?

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Sorry, Justin. Missed NY on the list but Joemmegang will be available in NY.

    2. Joe

      I’m a huge Ommegang fan, name of Joe. It’s like this was made just for me.

      I know it wasn’t, but a guy can dream. Really looking forward to trying this!

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Thanks! We really enjoyed working with the team at Stagecoach. Their coffee is delicious!

  2. David

    No Florida?!?! I guess I’ll have to drive to Georgia but wish this would be available in the Sunshine State.

  3. Shawn

    Looks like I’m going to have to travel a bit to get this one, unless I am able to find it in NH somewhere.

  4. Vaughan

    Your beer locator says that I should be able to find your beer at my local Key Food or Foodtown but they say they have never heard of it. Why is that, do you suppose?

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Hi, Vaughan. They haven’t heard of Joemmegang specifically or Brewery Ommegang in general? Sometimes retailers stop carrying our products and their listing doesn’t drop out of the beer finder. What’s your zip code? I’ll see if I can find out exactly what’s going on.

        1. Ommegang Post author

          Sorry for the delay, Vaughn. I’ve been checking the beer finder to see when Joemmegang would pop up but no luck so far. It looks like there are nearly 20 locations within a mile of your zip code that carry Ommegang but not specifically Joemmegang. If they haven’t heard of our beers at all, they either haven’t purchased beer from us for a while but are still in the system or that particular staff member isn’t familiar with our brand. It doesn’t look like Joemmegang is available yet in metro-NYC. It’s not showing up on the beer finder at all within 25 miles of the city. Since you live in NYS, we can ship it directly to you from the brewery if it’s still in stock here. Would you like me to check with the store at noon when they open? Sorry again! Sometimes it takes a while for new beers to make it to the shelves.

          1. Vaughan

            I would love to order Three-Eyed Raven for my GoT final episode party. How do I go about it? Thanks.

  5. Randy Smith

    Spurbeck’s Grocery in Cooperstown just got a BUNCH of cases of Joemmegang, so come on in a pick up a bottle or two of Joe and enjoy the fine weather that has finally arrived!