Meet Lovely, Dark and Deep

We have a new beer heading to stores this week! Lovely, Dark and Deep, an oatmeal stout, is our new winter seasonal. The press release below has all the details including ingredients and pairing suggestions.

P.S. For you Adoration lovers, don’t fret. We love Adoration too and we haven’t lost the recipe.


Ommegang’s adds a touch of frost to new winter seasonal

For the next few months, there will be plenty of snow-filled woods by which to stop and ponder in Ommegang’s Upstate New York, Cooperstown home. It only seemed fitting therefore to seek inspiration from Robert Frost’s famous poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” when name-storming monikers for the brewery’s new winter-warmer seasonal. Lovely, Dark and Deep, an oatmeal stout, is set to reach retail in early November.

“Winter is lengthy in Upstate New York and we wanted to brew a beer that we could enjoy throughout the long, cold months,” says Mike McManus, Ommegang’s Innovation Manager. “Lovely, Dark, and Deep not only reflects well the nature of our winters here, but also the beer. At 5.3% ABV the second follows easily after the first, while the chocolate, roast, and coffee characters provide enough to explore. It should be perfect during, or after, a day of winter fun.”

Lovely, Dark and Deep pours deep black with a tan, creamy mousse-like head. Aromas of roasted malt and coffee with cream, coupled with subtle notes of chocolate and dark fruit from Ommegang’s house yeast prevail. Flavors of rich chocolate milk, and coffee and cream are impeccably balanced with restrained sweetness and hints of roastiness. The finish is silky smooth with a medium to full body.

Brewed with a rich blend of malts including chocolate malt, midnight wheat, and flaked oats, and given a small addition of lactose, Lovely, Dark and Deep has a hint of sweetness and a smooth body. The beer is hopped with Bravo and Styrian Golding hops and Ommegang’s signature house yeast is used in both primary and secondary fermentation.

Lovely, Dark and Deep is the perfect beer to pair with a light meal by a hot, crackling fire on a cold winter’s night. Cozy up and watch the flames while you pair sips with aged cheddar, a hunk of dark bread with natural sweetness like pumpernickel, and slices of cold meats, like rare roast beef, with stone ground mustard. Or even, with some roasted chestnuts.  Four-packs of 12 oz. bottles and draft will be available across Ommegang’s 43-state distribution area.

8 responses on “Meet Lovely, Dark and Deep

    1. David Garab

      My beer bro came by the house tonight for our weekly jaunt to get our graulers filled. Working on the house and covered in sawdust, I gave him my bottle and said bring me back something dark and toasty.
      He returned with 2 liters (my grauler is serious business, folks) of Lovely, Dark and Deep and I gotta say in true Southern style, “this stuff is finer than frog hair split three ways.”

      Perfect pour, beautiful head, and complex without any overpowering notes. Great job!

      David Garab
      Woodstock GA

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Jason, it doesn’t look like LDD is going to Arizona. Sorry! You may be able to find it online with a site like though.

  1. Kevin

    Can’t wait to try this…seems like it has been put together well in regards to recipe and marketing. That being said, you’re doing yourselves a disservice limiting the Adoration. That beer sells itself during the holidays.