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Southern Florida friends, we have an exciting collaboration brewing up for you with Twisted Trunk Brewing in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We’ve teamed up with the Twisted Trunk team and Captains for Clean Water in Fort Myers, FL to tackle a toxic issue blooming in Southern Florida: blue-green algae. We are planning a special release called Southbound, a Belgian-style Pils that will launch in May. Proceeds from sales of the beer and from the launch event later this spring will raise funds for Captains for Clean Water, enabling them to continue their work to protect Florida’s waterways and draw attention to this dangerous issue.

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“Captains for Clean Water is an organization that brings people together to work for science-based solutions to one of the greatest threats to the future of Florida,” says Captain Daniel Andrews, the organization’s founder. “As a result of decades of water mismanagement, Florida’s East and West Coasts have been plagued by damaging, unnatural discharges of polluted freshwater from Lake Okeechobee. Meanwhile, Florida Bay is suffering from hyper saline conditions as a result of significantly decreased flows of freshwater into the bay that are required to balance and maintain salinities. The solution to these problems is the restoration of the Everglades, and time is of the essence.”

Although far from Florida, we are no stranger to water-related issues. The brewery has long been one of the most outspoken opponents to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in New York State which we believe would seriously threaten our water supply, in addition to the local waters. Our involvement in this collaborative beer is thanks to John Oteri, our sales representative in South Florida.

“The moment I decided to step up and do something about this situation was last June, right after my son was born,” Oteri says. “This was the time of one of our worst blue-green algae blooms to date and my family had been informed that there may be some airborne toxins associated with this particular bloom. Not only was the smell awful but we came to the realization that we didn’t live in paradise anymore. I knew once the national news coverage went away so would the awareness. I contacted Twisted Trunk and Captains for Clean Water because both are doing great things in the community and I thought we should work together to help raise money and awareness to fight this problem.”

Twisted Trunk’s Francis Andrewlevich was onboard immediately after being approached by Oteri. “The first time I saw the brown mucked up water I thought I was on another planet, says Andrewlevich. “I knew we had to do something to get it back to the Florida we all know and love.”

Southbound, the collaborative beer, was brewed at Twisted Trunk on Friday, March 24 by their brewing team and Justin “Lotty” Lottridge, a 10-year veteran of Brewery Ommegang. The beer will be available in cans and only during a launch event will be hosted at Twisted Trunk on Saturday, May 20. The brewery will donate proceeds from beer sales and the event to Captains for Clean Water. Additional details about the event are forthcoming.

In the meantime, follow the good work that Captains is doing in FL with #NowOrNeverglades on social media. You can also watch a video about the collaboration by WPTV.

3 responses on “Twisted Trunk, Captains, Clean Water

  1. Bryan Bobo

    Palm Beach Gardens native here and current employee of White Labs Asheville, NC. This is awesome to see. Collabs are a great thing especially for a great cause. Looking forward to this release. I would love to know distribution availability on this. Any chance of finding it in NC? Also, this may be of interest of you for the release. As a musician from South Florida, I wrote a song that highlighted this issue to those unaware in other parts of the country. Best of luck with the release. Cheers! Keep me posted! Here is the link:

    1. Ommegang Post author

      Thanks for the note, Bryan. The beer will only be available at Twisted Trunk at the release event in May. I will pass this along to the team there though. I’m sure they’d love to see your video!